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Eileen Noyer is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She was first introduced to art as a young child; going to art camps hosted by her grandparents for all the cousins, making ceramics in her father’s studio, life-drawing as a teen, and having family catch-ups at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Untamed landscapes of Australia have a particular significance to Eileen. She started repelling/canyoning in the Blue Mountains National Park at age 11, which then evolved into a passion for multi-day hiking and travelling. She has traveled to almost 30 countries across 6 continents; her most life-changing of which was meeting her now-husband Josh while hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.


The Blue Mountains and other familiar hiking trails have become recurring themes in her work. Her problem-solving approach to art can be attributed to having a background in Occupational Therapy and working in the disability sector.

Eileen’s passion for art intensified when she moved to Northern California in 2014, as it became a point of connection to the land, her friends and family.  She adopted the use of vibrant, thick brushstrokes that are pre-mixed and placed on the canvas to elicit a sense of movement and freedom.


With a focus on the Australian landscape and flora, Eileen ties in the gritty unruliness of the landscape into her painting style, yielding unconventional composition and color palettes. Eileen’s painting style is distinct for its unrefined and bold representation of nature.

Eileen is a represented artist with JCO’s Art Haus and is a Director on the Board of Rancho Cordova Arts. 

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Artist Statement

I paint because I have unfinished business. Expression through art is a lived experience; one that evolves and shifts as a reflection of my mindset. I’m not much interested in perfection or finishing things. And so, I have learned to embrace the spaces between… the spaces between what is and what could be. The moment that a painting comes to life, that is when I set the paint brush aside. Because I only endeavor to tell half the story in an artwork, and let the viewer take the reins to imagine the rest.  Each painting is a glimpse into my creative process and a call to action on the devastating ways that Australia’s land and surrounding ocean are being exploited.

I paint because I won’t apologize. My bold, impressionist painting style explores the unresolved and shifting tensions in nature between abundance and desolation. What matters is whether an artwork represents the sentiment of a location, regardless of beauty. My painting style is the convergence of unresolved shapes and colors that gesture towards the unrefined human experience.

I paint because I love to pull apart and put back together. The very process of painting involves teasing and analyzing a viewpoint, and finding interesting ways to represent this using form, color and light on canvas.

And lastly, I paint because I crave connection.  The scraggly shapes of the Australian landscape are both awkward and intimate. Now living in Northern California, I find the experience of painting to be transformative and a point of connection to the friends, family and land that I miss. The quirkiness and contrasts in the natural environment are my source of inspiration.

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