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Mural Work

Painting on large canvases has always felt natural, so my next inclination was to explore the painting process when it is scaled up. And boy it is so much fun! While my current experience is as a Mural Assistant, I can't wait to expand and complete murals as a lead.

About The Common Ground Mural

I am honored to be selected as a Mural Assistant for the Community Murals Sacramento Program 2021 sponsored by the City of Sacramento. The designated site for the mural is Common Ground Church, in the field near their community garden. I worked alongside Gregory Shilling (Lead) and Taylor Pannell (Mural Assistant) to facilitate 3 community collaboration meetings and a community paint day.

The emphasis of the program was on involving the local community to provide the opportunity for each person to foster creativity, connect with others, and to collaborate on the mural design. I am very grateful to the City of Sacramento for creating this program and for the community at Common Ground Covenant Church for their enthusiasm and involvement.

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