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Rancho Cordova Holiday Pop Up Art Gallery

From fine art to fiber art, Rancho Cordova Arts and Cordova Community Council are pleased to host an art pop-up show featuring the recent works of twenty-six gallery artists.

The art gallery will be held over three weekends on November 23-25, November 30-December 2, and December 7-9. There will be 26 local artists with their artwork for display and sale, plus art demos and live music performances. The event is held in a beautiful historic building called the MACC, which is right by the light rail station. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to get to know the other artists, and to chat with all the visitors! I’m also a be facilitating a painting demonstration! I have prepared a stack of photographs to use as inspiration, and also prepped a bunch of canvases to use for the demos. I will be discussing painting fundamentals and the artist mindset.

This type of pop-up is a lovely idea because it is an opportunity for families and collectors to find a range of art that matches their budget and interests. Having the demonstrations is a unique way to get to know what the artist is focusing on, the techniques used and find out what inspires their work. I will find out soon exactly what time my art demonstrations will occur.

I will be at the event from 11am to 7pm on December 7th, 8th and 9th. In my down-time between visitors I plan on making my way through a stack of canvases and drinking lots of tea! I’ll probably be bringing my teapot and favorite tea leaves (Tetley combined with Mariage Freres), so if you’d like to try some just ask! Also, the event will have refreshments for everyone which is lovely.

At the event, I will be releasing a brand new series of paintings of Australian flora and bushland. I’m excited to see people’s responses to the paintings, as some of the flowers are pretty unusual! Especially the Kangaroo Paw, oh boy is it funny-looking! Here are some sneak-peek photos of the series. I want to give you a tour of some of the things involved to get this collection set up.

When I'm in the zone and painting, the last thing I am thinking about is keeping the canvas back looking clean. And that's where a helpful habit comes in of using painters tape. I also recently starting using super-soft vinyl-coated hanging wire, which is a GAZILLION times better than just straight wire, and super durable. Hanging 1 painting is okay with typical wire, but when you have a deadline and 9 more paintings to wire up, the vinyl coating really saves your fingers.

When it comes to the early stages of a painting, I think broadly in terms of blocking out darks and lights, cool colors and warm colors. Putting details in too early can completely throw the painting out of wack. It's kind of like icing a wedding cake... You'd put a layer of butter cream first to catch all the crumbs, then the actual icing/frosting, and THEN the details like the molded icing flowers. Putting the icing flowers on too early (underneath the frosting) just wouldn't work! If I'm truly stumped by a painting and can't see where it needs to move forward, I take a photo on my phone. From that tiny image I can gain an entirely different perspective, and then move on.

So I have a tendency to joyfully add more things on my to-do list, and then live in a mad rush trying to get all those things done. Even though I was standing right there, I took this photo so that I could gain a better perspective on how many paintings I could actually fit into this space. It was from this photo that I realized I ABSOLUTELY had to include more paintings in the gallery. I mean, I couldn't leave these walls naked, could I? So I rushed home, varnished my recently completed paintings, wired them and then rushed back to the gallery and hung these up. While this hanging system is beautiful, it sure is fickle. And in a matter of 2 hours of finagling with this hanging system ...voila!

I then went home and spent my night creating the info cards for each painting and the pricing sheet. So yes there are definitely some less-than-glamorous aspects to being an artist, but it's 100% worth it, and I can't seem to stop so hey I may as well keep painting.

I hope to see you at the pop up!


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