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Celebrate these holidays by sharing moments with those who you love, and surrounded with the things that bring you joy. These Christmas Ornaments make the perfect gift for friends, parents, mother-in-law, co-workers, loved ones or for you!  


Honest to God I am bursting with excitement over this Wattle series of Christmas Ornaments. I have 7 of these in stock, each one slightly different. You can choose which ribbon color you like best, or I'll happily choose for you! Be prepared for variations from the photos, as each one is unique and thoughtfully painted. They are sealed with varnish so they can even be wiped down if they get dusty over the years. 


The edges of the fabric a frayed (especially the pink silk) and fastened with a simple knot. 


Buying a set? Use the coupon code FESTIVE when purchasing 4 ornaments, and receive one free. Shipping is free on all orders within USA. Ask me for international shipping and I'll let you know the price. 


Fun fact: It was only after I hit 'publish' on this page that I learned that Americans don't use the word 'bauble!' So I had to change the wording and link on this to 'ornament'. After 9 years with an American, this word difference clearly never came up! Haha!


Hand-Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree Ornament

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