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This 8"x10" acrylic painting depicts the blackened and burnt earth in rural New South Wales. Thick strokes with earthy colors call to mind an excerpt from the poem by Banjo Patterson, 'The Road To Gundagai.'


'The mountain road goes up and down

From Gundagai to Tumut Town.


And branching off there runs a track, 

Across the foothills grim and black,


Across the plains and ranges grey

To Sydney city far away...'


Not sure which painting to choose? Check out my three tips for choosing the perfect imperfect painting!


To Tumut Town

  • Shipping is free within USA, and enquire for international rates. Put this painting to the test! Love it for a full year or let Eileen know! She is so passionate about ensuring that this painting is loved, that she will offer a full refund of the original purchase price for up to one year. If you’re not completely satisfied, contact Eileen at to take advantage of this one-year guarantee. She only has one condition: Please tell her the main reason that you weren’t happy with the painting, so she has a chance to improve for the future. All prices listed are in USD. 

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