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A Day In The Life Of This Artist

Let’s do a little ‘day in the life’ so you can see what my art process is like!

Firstly, let’s pop the kettle on for an English Breakfast Tetley tea (with Mariage Frere tea leaves added too), set the Pandora radio station to “swing music” and get into the comfiest paint-covered clothes around! With some inspiration photos, a prepped canvas and the paint squirted onto the palette, I think we are ready to go!

Painting is a cathartic, meditative and healing experience for me. I love it because I have no idea what form the painting will take. Somehow, it’s both a reflection and a reveal of what I didn’t know existed. Every painting feels like I’m on the brink of some secret discovery that only completing the painting will reveal. There’s a non-judgemental naivety that is critical to the creative process, and being in that state of flow is what matters the most. The painting is merely the representation of that flow.

What’s something that you’ve always loved about what you make? It could be your delicious dinners, a terrific workout routine, or how you perfectly arranged the aesthetic in your home.

All my best, Eileen


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