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How I Found My Artistic Style

When I first started oil painting way back in 2001, I had no idea that this fun hobby would become a lifelong passion. I had no idea that painting could be a way to connect with others, and that it could be an avenue for so much learning. For many years, I painted landscapes how I saw them and assumed that I didn’t have an ‘artistic style.’ I would experiment with the purpose of trying to figure this out, and after each frustrating experiment I would return to what I felt was true and natural. With a slow building up of confidence, I realised that the way I painted when I wasn’t trying so hard was exactly what I was looking for all along.

By embracing what feels natural to paint I feel more free to experiment with colours, composition and techniques. I feel emboldened to take on new challenges and just see what happens. By thinking less about the painting itself and more about being true to the landscape, I have no room for being critical or judgemental. The process becomes so much more important.

Have you ever been able to look back to when you were new at something, and see how much you have learned and grown since then? I love how taking photos throughout the painting process gives me a chance to see how the painting evolves. Here’s a little GIF showing exactly that!

Warm wishes,



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