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A New Angle On Valentine's Day

It’s the month of love and although I know it can feel a little fabricated to get us to buy things for others, I feel it's a wonderful reminder to do something special for a loved one. Whether it’s quality time with a grandchild, a cup of tea with a sibling, or an afternoon walk with your dog, don't be shy in letting your friends and family know how you feel. 

Did you know that each of us receives love in our own love language? The five love languages are:

  • Works of affirmation (such as saying "Thank you for doing the dishes, I appreciate it.")

  • Quality time (such as spending your undivided attention doing an activity together)

  • Receiving and giving gifts (the joy of finding the perfect gift, and the excitement of opening one)

  • Acts of service (like mowing the lawn or vacuuming); and

  • Physical touch (such as the best bear hugs). 

I’m in the studio this month, working on my 2020 body of work in preparation for the next JCO’s show coming up in April. As far as Valentine’s Day goes, I enjoy a splash of pink and red, but I prefer oranges, greens, and ochre. You can see these colours in almost all of my work when painting the Australian landscape. 

Last year my New Year’s goal-planning was thorough and immensely helpful. This year however, I have taken a step back from precise goals and focused on daily routines that pave the direction of what’s important. Sometimes I think if we are too focused on an abstract goal, we lose the joy of how we got there. 

So which love language best fits you? Perhaps it's more than one. And what about your loved ones?  Here's a recent painting which (to me) is full of romance.

Sending you good wishes, 



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