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New Year's Resolutions or Systems?

We’re half-way through January and the start of a brand new year! I can hardly believe how fast 2019 flew by, and am so glad to have made new friends in the art community, worked on the board of Rancho Cordova Arts, and had a busy year with art shows. Best of all, I got to spend the past year doing my favourite thing; painting! I’m finally ready to settle into it and take my art to the next level, which for me means experimenting with colour and preparing a 2020 body of work. I know this time of year is ripe with resolutions and good intentions, but this time I have decided to come up with New Year systems. I plan to focus more on daily routines that build towards this bigger goal, so that I can carve out more time to have fun and paint!

How about you? What resolution or daily routine did you decide on for 2020? Today, January 17th, is officially National Ditch Your Resolutions Day. So I guess most of us have become quite predictable. However, whether you are maintaining the course with your resolutions, or have already ditched them, what matters most is whether the decision is meaningful to you.

Here's my first painting to start off the year, inspired by the bushfires engulfing Australia.


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