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Fall Art Fair at JCO's Art Haus

I'm very grateful to JCO's Art Haus for successfully hosting their Fall 2019 #veryveryrareaffordableartfair in which all the paintings below found their forever homes! It's particularly an honor that Sam, one of the team at JCO's is a repeat collector of my work! It's not that often that I hear from collectors (unless purchased directly through me), and so it was the most wonderful surprise to receive this email a few weeks ago;


I just wanted to let you know how much joy your work brings to our space. We bought it today at JCO's. My husband and I adore art and color, and are intentional in our desire to support local artists. Our space so easily could have been sleepy, but we were drawn to the vibrancy of your work. My 2.5 year old also loves orange — has gravitated to it since he was two weeks old, so naturally he loves your Uluru as well."

If you have any questions about the art, visit or call them on 408 888 1500.


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