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Gone Bananas For Flowers

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Curious about what I've been painting lately? Here's a quick preview of some acrylic paintings, which are all matte varnished for UV protection and wired ready to hang. The edges are all painted black, and they look amazing with or without framing. They can be purchased as a set (like in the combinations above), or individually as they each look lovely on their own. My favourite of the options is to hang each one next to the other as a series. Purchase info is at the end of this post!

Blooms 2 - 6x6x1.5" - $95

My Treat 4 - 4x4x1.5" - $65

Bouquet Bling 1 - 8x10x1.5" - $195

Blooms 3 - 6x6x1.5" - $95

My Treat 3 - 4x4x1.5" - $65

Bouquet Bling 4 - 8x10x1.5

Blooms 1 - 6x6x1.5" - $95

Bouquet Bling 2 - 8x10x1.5" - $195

Blooms 4 - 6x6x1.5" - $95

If you're interested in a piece contact me at to check if it's still available, and i'll send you the shipping and payment info. Shipping is free for domestic (USA). Prices are listed in USD. Have a lovely day!!!


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